• Friday 31st of October 2014

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  • World First <b>‘Dead Heart’</b> Transplant

    World First ‘Dead Heart’ Transplant

    In a world first, doctors at St Vincent’s Hospital have managed to transplant a heart that had stopped beating. The donor heart wasn’t beating for up to 20 minutes before it was resuscitated and successfully transplanted.

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  • Who may have access to your medical information?

    • Life insurance
    • Car insurance
    • Long term disability insurance
    • Employers
    • Medical Information Bureau
    • Pharmacy Benefit Managers
    • Government agencies, like Medicare,
       Medicaid, Social Security Disability,
       Workers Comp
    • State and federal public
        health department
    • Law enforcement and courts
    • National security entities
  • #EndBullying


    TXMO News Welcomes


    Joe Rutland

    Joe Rutland is a writer, author, copywriter, content creator and social media specialist with more than 30 years in the communications industry. Rutland has worked for numerous community and metro newspapers in Texas and Arizona.
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