• Thursday 29th of January 2015




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  • The Health-Cost Slowdown Isn’t Just About the Economy – New York Times

    It’s one of the most important economic questions today: Is the snail-like growth of health costs over the last several years a real trend, or is it merely a temporary part of the Great Recession’s aftermath?

    The data experts who compile the government’s official numbers on health spending lean toward the more pessimistic view. They think the slowdown – to the lowest level of growth on record – stems in large part from Americans skimping on medical care during tough times.

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  • The Friendlier Needle

    Americans stick a lot of needles in their veins. There’s an estimated 2.7 million vein sticks every day in the U.S., and blood tests inform over 70 percent of medical decisions. Venipuncture is a ubiquitous function of modern medicine; between blood draws for annual checkups, IVs, blood donations and more, nurses are constantly seeking out the…

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